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The Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade

"What I learned From Jay&Bey


The Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade



Life Changing Book A Must read

Sade Johnson

I Am Going To Purchase Several Copies for my friends and family. This book brings a whole different perspective to the message of songs 

This is going to be A New York Time Best seller

Melanie Jones

yvonne mcgee


About The Author 

  Are you in a season of your life where you've grown weary of struggling just to make it from day to day and one pay check to the next pay check, and searching for real life solutions on how to achieve real change n your life? Perhaps you feel as if you're not doing what in your heart and soul you were called and chosen to do with your life and through your life, and seek a tried and proven Blueprint on how to literally turn the lemons of your life into a perfect batch of Lemonade?

  BryaceTodd describes how he was able to take coded messages from songs by Jay Z and Beyoncé and use them as a psychological tool to apply to his own condition, and how he was able to transform his mind from that of a "slave to the system" to becoming a servant to humanity and a successful business owner. Using plain, ordinary language, he shares details about his former lifestyle of chronic drug use, street-life and incarcerations; and then how digging deeply within his inner-self, he rediscovered himself, his passion for living and his life's purpose.

  Eight power-filled songs that BryaceTodd used as his Blueprint are outlined in this book. He shares his unfavorable personal experiences of being merely a statistic, to show you the TRUTH, that "Transformation is an inside job!" the contents of this book will move you forward on the pathway to your own purpose in life. There is no better day than today, because NOW is the time to WIN!

  BryaceTodd and his wife Melanie, have known each other since high school. And their mutual love, honor and respect for our Eternal Creator, each other and the friends that their marriage has united as family, is the "corner stone" of their joyous victories and successful marriage.

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